The Gluten-Free Jumpstart Program gives you the clarity and confidence to start GF life on the right foot.


What if you didn’t have to…

  • Miss out on your social life  
  • Continue to have diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, and more, because you keep accidentally getting glutened
  • Get frustrated reading food labels
  • Constantly worry about which foods are truly GF and safe 
  • Feel lost about how to start healing your gut  
  • Wade through hours of conflicting opinions online, only to be more confused  
  • Fear that a food might have gluten & make you sick

Get EVERYTHING you need for a solid foundation in gluten-free living

...without the endless hours & confusion of searching online

  • Understand your condition
  • Make label reading an easy part of your everyday
  • Create a safe kitchen and home, even if you live with gluten-eaters!
  • Know how to eat out and in social situations
  • Bounce back after accidentally getting glutened
  • Let go of confusion & worry around hidden sources of gluten
  • Know exactly what to eat that is gluten-free, safe, and health-supportive
  • Learn how to avoid cross-contact
  • Get the tools you need to start your gut repair journey
  • Become confident in advocating for your health needs
  • Love and enjoy your gluten-free self, body, and life

What Others are Saying

  • Gut Revival Nutrition

    “The GF Jumpstart program was life changing!
    I loved how Maya broke down subjects into weekly modules with action steps. She gave lots of practical tips on avoiding cross contact and helped me realize that I could still enjoy eating out or going to friends’ houses.
    Maya was very caring, listened to my concerns, and answered any questions I had. There was no judgment and I felt comfortable asking her anything. It is so worth it feeling comfortable in situations like dining out and in shared kitchens. I feel way more confident now!”

    Former client

  • Gut Revival Nutrition

    “My whole way of thinking about my celiac changed after working with Maya. Before I saw her, the life change felt impossible, and I was frustrated by all the conflicting opinions online. The way Maya listened to me, delivered information in ways that actually made sense, and showed me how to navigate a lifelong disease was priceless. I was really worried about how to share a kitchen with my non-GF husband, but she helped set up systems that worked for both of us, and now we don’t even have to think about it anymore! ”

    Former client

Meet Maya Rose, MS, CNS

As a celiac myself, I know that if I had this support and information when I first started out, the road to regaining my health would have been much easier.

Now, as a nutritionist and expert in celiac & gluten sensitivity, I help others let go of the worry, fear, confusion and complexity of going gluten-free.

I’ve been through the trial and error so you don’t have to, and I have personally designed this program to take the stress out of GF life.

"Maya’s expertise and extensive research has already done all the hard work of analyzing the science and separating fact from fiction on the internet. It is worth the investment to save you time and headaches trying to figure this out alone!"

-Amelia H., former client

What You'll Receive

Gluten-Free Jumpstart


*This Group is for Those Identifying as Women Only

6 Weeks of engaging, video modules

Handouts and cheatsheets

Practical action steps

Bonus recipe bank to keep you inspired & eating delicious food

Private forum for course attendees

Two, live Zoom Q&As (one per month) for coaching and troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

Adults identifying as women who are relatively new to gluten-free eating and living. Most have celiac or gluten-sensitivity, but you are welcome to join if you were instructed to go GF for another health reason.

When are the Q&As?

Q&As will be held over Zoom once per month on Thursday evening at 5:00pm PST. You will have access to two Q&A sessions following the purchase of your program.

Beyond the two Q&As, this is a self-guided program.

How will the program materials be delivered?

After purchase, you'll have immediate access to the first week of modules. In order to create a bite-sized plan that doesn't overwhelm, you won't have access to all 6 weeks of material at once. Instead, content will be dripped on a week-by-week basis (don't worry, you'll receive reminder emails to stay on track!).

Will I have access to the program materials after the 6 weeks?

Yes! You will also continue to have access to the community forum and recipes.

Do I have to go vegan, paleo, keto, grain-free, etc. to do this program?

Nope! The best gluten-free diet is one that works for YOU. I do recommend certain foods that can help promote healing and reduce inflammation, but our top priority is to work on getting the gluten OUT.

Who can I contact if I have questions or to see if this program is the right fit for me?

Please feel free to email

Let's take a moment for some good news.

Whatever you do following celiac or gluten-sensitivity diagnosis is in your power. You get to make the next move, and it can make a huge difference in what your future health outcomes and life will look like.

By mastering gluten-free living, you can move on with your life, and start reclaiming your health.